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Social Media Management

by Joe Tracy

Your Business Image is Vital

When a person visits your Website or social media page, you are projecting an image about who you are. Your design, posts, Tweets, etc. all tell a story to the viewer.   My goal is to help you improve your brand and image with your social media channels. As your social media base and user trust grows, so does your brand. And people who trust a brand are more likely to make a purchase or visit your place (depending on what type of industry you are in).

Joe Tracy

CEO: Joe Tracy Visioneering

Joe Tracy

Our Top Services

Social Media Audit

Social media audit

After a two-week in-depth analysis of your social media presence and brand, we will prepare a report for you covering recommended changes, what your competitors are doing, and how to better reach your audience.

Social Media Management

Social media management

We will run your social media accounts, including posts and engagement. This saves you time to focus on other things that are important to your buisness or service while knowing that your social media is in great hands.

Real Estate Videos

If you're a real estate agent or firm, we can create your real estate videos for you! We have two styles of videos to select from and you'll generally get a finished video within 24 hours. All you need to do is give us a link to the listing page!

Social Media is not about the exploitation of technology, but service to community.

Simon Mainwaring

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Breaking Down the Top Social Media Services

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | linkedin

In general, Facebook is the best social media service to be on for your business or service. With 2.2 billion users, Facebook is (by far) the most used social media site in the world.

Facebook Strengths:
  > business-friendy with great Business Page options.
  > most used social media platform.
  > better performing ads.
  > you can put links in your posts.
  > it is an engaging platform with more interactions than other services.

Facebook Weaknesses:
  > recent changes hurt business pages.
  > ad targeting abilities are decreasing.

Our tip: Clean up and rearrange your page tabs. Presentation is everything.

Check out our Social Media Management service.

Twitter is our favorite social media network and the one we have the most success with, even without advertising. Limitations on character count force you to really target your message, which is a great thing.

Twitter Strengths:
  > higher click-through rates than other services.
  > easier to attract followers.
  > easy to use for customer service.
  > hashtags rule Twitter and make tracking things easy.

Twitter Weaknesses:
  > posts “disappear” quicker than other services.
  > character count limitations impede your ability to tell a story.

Our tip: Because tweets “disappear” so quick, track your analytics to find out what times you are getting the most views. After several weeks of testing, start posting during the prime times.

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Owned, but not started by Facebook, Instagram is extremely popular for the sharing of photos.  Instagram is vital to be on if you are a photocentric service/business (flowers, clothing, outdoor amusement, food, etc.)

Instagram Strengths:
  > a very “influencial” platform.
  > high user engagement rates.
  > Instagram Stories have an amazing reach.
  > hashtags/geotags give you a good reach.

Instagram Weaknesses:
  > you can’t link to anything from your posts!
  > engagement and followers can change/die fast.

Our tip: Use Instagram Stories to give people a glimpse inside of your company/service. You can add to it throughout the day and really drive engagement and interest.

Check out our Social Media Audit service.

When used right, Pinterest is a very powerful social media site with the ability to sell ideas and products. It was originally envisioned as an “idea-catalogue” for inspiring people to do the things they saw.

Pinterest Strengths:
  > ease of targeting different users through varied board categories.
  > unlike Instagram, links are allowed (and encouraged) on posts.
  > repinning is easy and can grow followers.
  > pins have a longer “engagement life” than on other services.

Pinterest Weaknesses:
  > not as popular as it used to be.
  > you are required to have an image to create a post.

Our tip: Learn how to create a Pinterest Cover and how to create “covers” for each individual board. This is a good way to really brand your image.

Check out these promo videos that are perfect for social media!

LinkedIn is, by far, the best social media site you can be on if you are a business to business (B2B) service. Why? Because of the excellent job they do in connecting people.

LinkedIn Strengths:
> easiest way to do B2B collaborations.
> can build trust for you, your brand, and business/service.
> allows you to Connect with more people than Facebook.
> vibe is much more “positive” than on other social media networks.

LinkedIn Weaknesses:
> not good for targetting a younger market.
> limited character count for status updates.

Our tip: The power of LinkedIn really begins to shine with the Connections that you make. Take time every day to send Connection requests to your target market or people you are interested in.

Let’s Connect on LinkedIn.

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