The Power of Retweeting on Twitter

How Retweeting Can Increase Your Engagement on Twitter

by Joe Tracy

by Joe Tracy

Twitter is my favorite social media platform. It has excellent features which, when used correctly, can help you grow your Twitter network. One powerful feature is the ability to retweet. A retweet is reposting someone else’s tweet onto your timeline so that your followers can view it.

Why You Should Retweet

#1: Retweeting helps you stay connected to the industry because you are researching and sharing relevant, trending, and valuable content.

#2: Retweeting gets the attention of the original author. When you retweet, your name will appear in their “Notifications” as a person who retweeted their post. In turn, the original author may view your account and even follow you.

#3: Retweeting creates new connections, leading to partnerships or business opportunities.

#4: Retweeting allows you add an informed comment which establishes you as an expert in the field.

How to Retweet

The image below a tweet on my Twitter account. At the bottom of the image are four buttons (click image to enlarge). The second button is the Retweet button.

Retweet Button

#1: Click the Retweet button.

#2: Add an informative comment in the window that pops up, like in the image below, labeled “Retweet this to your followers?”

Retweet Window

#3: Click the blue Retweet button in the pop-up window.

Retweeting Tips

→ When retweeting, focus on people who have a lot of followers and are true influencers in your industry.

→ Never repost someone else’s tweet as your own. Always use the retweet option to give proper credit while adding your own voice.

→ Make sure your retweet adds true value for your followers. If you are unsure, then don’t retweet it.

→ When someone retweets your post, thank them.

Always post a comment with a retweet. It is considered bad etiquette not to. Comments are also vital to establishing your reputation and expertise on Twitter.

How to Retweet Your Own Tweet

Ideally you only retweet your own tweet when you have something new or important to add to it.

It is surprisingly simple to retweet your own tweet.

#1: Find your tweet in your timeline.

#2: Click the Retweet button.

#3: Add a comment.

#4: Click the blue Retweet button and it will post!

Retweeting FAQ

Why can’t I retweet someone’s tweet?
Some people lock their posts to protect the content from being retweeted. This doesn’t happen often.

Why can’t I see the retweet on my timeline anymore?
If the original author of the tweet ever deletes it then all retweets connected to that post also disappear. This can also occur if the person’s account is deleted or suspended.

Is there a limit to how often I can retweet?
Yes. Twitter limits you to 1,000 tweets a day and counts retweets towards that number. Ideally, you are doing no more than one or two retweets a day!

How often should I retweet?
Optimally, you post 3-5 tweets a day on your Twitter account. One of those tweets should be a carefully selected retweet and the rest should be original posts. Retweeting should only be about 25% of your tweets. So if you do four Twitter posts a day, only one of them should be a retweet.

How do I delete my retweet?
If you ever need to delete a retweet, simply find the retweet, click the ∨ icon followed by Delete Tweet. Then confirm it. Your retweet will instantly be removed from your timeline. However any cached version of Twitter may still temporarily show it.

Anything else I should know about retweeting?
Twitter will only show the most recent 100 people who have retweeted the post. If you see a post has a lot of retweets, think twice about retweeting it yourself.

Adding informative comments to a retweet is an excellent method to help build your Twitter empire.

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