Who I Am

Yes. In 1991, while still in college, I won local, state, and national Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) speech competitions to advance to the World Finals in Sweden. I represented the United States in the World finals, which took place in 1992 in Gotenberg, Sweden. I took a big risk by changing my speech for the finals and it paid off. The finals were quite different as there were translators who would, in real time, translate the speech to judges wearing headphones who didn’t speak English. It was a fun, educational, and everlasting experience. Sweden was an awesome place to visit. I give all the credit in the world to my coach at the time – Dr. James Chase. I could have never done it without him.

Yes! I loved those days. It was an honor to cover NewTek’s amazing products like the Video Toaster, Video Toaster Flyer, and Lightwave 3D. Tim Jenison was (and still is) a brilliant person.

NewTekniques Magazine

I’ll never forget when I attended the NewTek Christmas party and Tim Jenison introduced me to Penn (of Penn & Teller). Why will I never foreget that? Because I had no idea who Penn was at the time!

Yes. I graduated from there with a degree in Public Relations. It was a great college with nurturing teachers. I’ll forever be grateful to Dr. James Chase for all the extra time he put into helping me succeed.

Joe Tracy BatmanShhhh… Don’t tell anyone. Batman has always been my favorite superhero, because unlike most other superheroes, Batman was self-made.

Yes, I do sometimes dress as Batman (cosplay or Halloween) and I do own the “Bat Bug” (currently out of comission).

Joe Tracy, fan of Marcus MariotaI love Marcus Mariota because he is a true role model and example of the type of person who truly makes the world a better place.

It’s rare to find a multi-millionaire athlete who is genuinely humble, cares more about others than himself, and remembers his roots.

One day, after a tough Titan’s loss, Mariota got a little testy with the media, which is out of character for him. His amazing mother phoned him and told him to apologize to the media for his behavior. He did! That’s the type of genuine and respectful person he is.

Mariota’s roots are in Hawaii where he was raised to be selfless and to put the needs of others before himself. If his teammates go for a drink, Mariota goes with them. But he doesn’t drink. He’s always the designated driver to make sure they get home safe.

I was never fan of the Titan’s until they drafted Mariota. Now I follow the team because of him. In 2018, I was lucky enough to run into Marcus Mariota and he signed my Titan’s hat. It was one of the best moments of my life.

Mariota is someone we can learn a lot from:

– Put others first.
– Appreciate the little things in life.
– Do the right thing.
– Be a good person.
– Treat others the way you want to be treated.

I strive to run my business with a sense of values and ethics. And I LOVE customers who do the same.

Yes. A lot of Americans (and even many Japanese) don’t know the history of Japanese Balloon Bombs and how they were used during World War 2. It’s quite fascinating. Unfortunately there were American deaths (on American soil) as a result of the balloon bombs. Here’s a quick little video I did a decade ago on the subject:

Who They Are

Unfortunately, Joe Tracy the race car driver is no longer with us. He died in 1959. But the Ireland-born speedster was popular enough to get his own Wikipedia page. And here’s a video tribute to him:

Joe Tracy, CEO of DOT FoodsNope. DOT Foods is a large food industry redistributor and a successful family-run business with annual sales in the billions. Joe Tracy is the CEO and his brother, Dick Tracy, is DOT Foods President. The Tracy family has run DOT Foods for more than 55 years. John Tracy, another brother, serves as the Executive Chairman for DOT Foods.

Joe Tracy, Son of Dick TracyI wish! If you’re a big Dick Tracy fan (comics) then you are likely aware that Joe Tracy is the second child (first son) of Dick and Tess Tracy.

Dick Tracy also gave his son one of those cool Apple iWat… er… two way wrist radios. You can read more about the comic Joe Tracy here.

Nope, but out of curiosity, I did listen to one of his deep relaxing meditation videos on YouTube. This is the one I listened to:

That Joe Tracy had four successful years as a Right Wing hockey player for Ohio State University. In 1986, he was drafted in the supplemental draft by the Hartford Whalers.

Joe Tracy the Boston Braves baseball playerNope. Unfortunately, that Joe Tracy passed away in 2012. However, in 1945 he was hired by the Boston Braves as a backup catcher and to prep pitchers in the bullpen. Few people know this as his name and team photo listed the wrong name. Only this century did the Society for American Baseball Research set the record straight and share his story.

Nope. In fact, only once in my life have I ever been in a fight and that guy and I became best friends after.

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